Terms And Condiiton

AahChat is a privately owned Chat Site operated by Nibble. Our Mission here is to achieve Peace through communication! We here at AahChat are not computer scientists or web developers. We are CHATTERS. Please have patience, as we are a growing, evolving chat community. We will be constantly adding new features to bring you the best Chat experience that we can. We use CodyChat for our chat platform and are very proud to do so. CodyChat is the most user-friendly and trusted chat program available. Design Eminent powers us. Staff: We are doing everything we can to keep our site safe, you can also do your part by limiting your private information in your profile. We have "Staff" here, all AahChat staff has a Crown, or Gold or Silver Star... they are volunteers who believe in this site's mission...Please respect them as they are here to help keep out spammers, scammers, bots, bigots, and to help keep the chat scrolling. The Staff will help you with a question or concern you might have about the site. *Warning to Parents AahChat has filters and securities in place as well as moderated rooms but nothing on the internet is 100 percent safe and by allowing your minor child to chat here, you do so at their own risk** The Staff are not on power trips, they are truly here to help. However, we also maintain an "Open Door Policy", so if you should feel uncomfortable in any way, regarding a conversation or action taken on your account, please feel free to send an email to [email protected] and please allow up to 72hour response time. Filters: Please note that we also have safety filters in place to protect the Chat from bots or spammers. These filters may kick, mute, or ban you automatically. We review these actions daily to ensure the fairness of the actions taken. However, please send us an email to [email protected] if you feel the action was unwarranted or that the time should have elapsed. Rules: All decisions are FINAL and are made with the best interest of this site in mind... We are a 13+ general chat site. If you are under the age of 13, you will be banned from the site. Any post of lewd content involving a child or children (Under 18 years of age) will result in you being banned. Any post that threatens to do harm or to belittle or demean AahChat will result in you being kicked, muted, or banned. Any post that threatens or does harm to any AahChat Chatter will result in you being kicked, muted, or banned. Any post that is bigoted or hateful will result in you being kicked, muted or banned. DO NOT post porn gifs and videos. This will result in you being kicked, muted, or banned. Please note... all decisions are FINAL and are made with the best interest of this site in mind. typing in all CAPS is considered to be yelling by most Chatters. Please chat in Lower Case. We are not a dating site. Meeting and forming relationships with other chatters is at your own risk. We are not a sex chat site, and use the US film industry's rating system. Our Adult chat rooms are Rated R for content. We keep a list of sex or date sites and are happy to refer you to one. AahChat is an English language Chat. This helps to ensure the safety of the site. We abide by the US Bill of Rights and believe in Freedom of Speech. However, you do not go to a crowded theatre and yell "Fire!" for no reason. Please conduct yourself respectfully at all times. VIP You cannot purchase or donate to become a VIP. We believe all members are VIPs and we will give you a VIP Diamond after 30 days of member registration. Privacy Your privacy is important to us, and you can read that in our privacy policy. **We will do our best to keep you updated with happenings of the site in our News**